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  • 5 May 2017
  • Rice University
  • Houston, Texas, USA


0730–0800    Registration/Breakfast

0800–0815    Welcome Greeting

Brad Burke, Managing Director, Rice Alliance
Emcee: John Howell, Senior Vice President Consulting, 3esi-Enersight & Chair, d5 Advisory Board

0815–0915    General Session

0815–0845      Nina Simosko, President and CEO, NTT Innovation Institute Inc.
Lessons Learned at an Enterprise Innovation Center

Every organization of every size has the potential – and the need - to be innovative. Most of the attention in recent years has been about the unique ways that startup companies drive rapid and agile innovation and technology development.  More and more, large enterprise companies are creating innovation centers and initiatives in hopes of emulating some kind of perceived startup ‘magic’. There are some very important lessons to be learned from the startup world - But it’s also important to think of the cultural context in which large organizations will be applying these lessons.  How are enterprise innovation centers similar to, and different from, startups?  What lessons can we learn and apply from them, as well as the broader startup landscape that includes the investment community, academia, and each other?

0845–0915      Jose Olalla Hevia, Head of BD and Digital Transformation, BBVA
Transforming a 160-Year-Old Company. A Challenging Journey

The market imperative and how customers have changed. A grand look at digital technologies and how science fiction is now real. Taking a deeper dive into changing the corporate culture, yes it is much easier said than done. Finally, personal learnings and hints

0920–0950    Breakout Q&A Session with Nina and Jose

0950–1015    Coffee Break

1020–1120    General Session

Emcee: John Howell

1020–1050   Tony Cucolo, Major General, US Army Retired

Scar Tissue from a Leader's Journey: Lessons from Leading in Chaos and Ambiguity

The 21st Century offers significant challenges for leaders of organizations. The ever-increasing speeds of technological change and human interaction make the future unknown, unknowable, and impossible to predict. Rising generations of the workforce have changed, too, with a greater need to feel connected, an appropriate yet insatiable desire to know "why," and a reflexive nature to question authority in all its forms. With these environmental conditions, how do you build cohesive, high performing teams who operate on trust and feel empowered to seize opportunities as they arise? Tony Cucolo, a long serving practitioner and lifetime student of leadership shares his experiences and thoughts on those things a leader must focus on in order to establish the type of organizational climate that thrives in ambiguity and chaos.

1050–1120    Riaz Siddiqi, Founder & Managing Partner, Denham Capital
You Ain't Seen Nuthin' Yet! The Brave New World That Awaits Us....

A sweeping analysis of the mega trends shaping the future and the implications for institutions and individuals.

1130–1200    Breakout Q&A Session with Speaker Three (TBA) and Riaz

1200–1300    Lunch

1315–1415    General Session

Emcee: John Howell

1315–1405   Keynote Presentation: Vivek Wadhwa, Academic, Researcher, Writer and Entrepreneur

Why our technology choices matter—and will create the future

1405–1440    Breakout Q&A Session with Vivek Wadhwa 

1440–1500    Coffee Break

1500–1555    Panel Discussion

“Connect the Dots”

Oil and Gas executives who have attended the complete day at d5 will capture pertinent messages from the event’s speakers and have a discussion tying the day together. There will be an emphasis on novel insights gained from the presentations and how they can apply their experiential learning from the day to the O&G sector.

Ram Shenoy, The RBR Group

Susan Cunningham, EVP EHSR and New Frontiers, Noble Energy
Dr. Mario Ruscev, EVP, President Global Product Lines & Chief Technology Officer, Weatherford
Kristian Johansen, Chief Executive Officer, TGS-NOPEC Geophysical Company ASA
Neal Anderson, President, Wood Mackenzie

1555–1615    Q&A and Closing Remarks

Emcee: John Howell

1600–1700    Networking Reception 

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